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Is it Harmful or Beneficial to Play World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is said to be harmful for quite a long time. Some think the game is turning youths into "gelid, sunken-chested albinos". However, according to a recent research, playing wow can be beneficial; it can be good for psychological wellbeing. The precondition is, don't spend too much time on the game. Don't let the wow gold famring or power level things take all your life.

Recently, one QUT researcher has discovered the addictive online game could actually have less chance to suffer a dysthymia. The game time makes most of them quite enjoyable. As we know, wow is so attractive not only for the amused gameplay, but also for the strong relationship between players, the guide people. They may live all over the world, but spend 20, 30 or more hours a week together in wow, sharing the experience of laying monsters and collecting buy wow gold. These strong bonds help players cope better with problems in the real world.

Doctoral candidate and researcher Huon Longman, who is studying the psychological impact of the game on its players said, "Players often form friendships with each other, and while adventuring together in the world, fighting monsters and slaying dragons, they often discuss what is going on in their offline lives with these friends". "I found the more benefit drew from these online relationships the less they had negative psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression and stress."

90% players who participate in this research spend 20 hours a week on WoW. But 10% of gamers who play wow considerably more "weren't receiving any more social support from the game and they were receiving a lot less from offline and they had significantly more negative psychological symtoms."

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