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"We Can Do Better" & "Thank You"

Hello everyone!

I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of my friends (some very new) and family that have been so encouraging over the last few weeks. Part of what I'm doing is open for everyone's eyes to see. Especially, developing Uptown Jazz Dallas and it's programming in the community while continuing business development that will give us the International Jazz Festival with a a strong foundation. All of this is coming to pass. But, it's not without a lot of prayer, sweat, tears and a weight to do better. Not only for you, but for the merciful God, I've been trying to serve for over thirty years. He has been so good to me and my family, I can't hardly express it. He's brought us through the 'hardness of the world', through 'life and death' to experience unspeakable joys all while "I'm trying to do better". My efforts are not in vain then because I have this great, vibrant relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. He helps me through it all. He's there at our Father's right hand, interceding for me (and, all of us). Think about that. He cares about what we're doing and He wants to be in the center of it. I don't mind telling you that I sense the presence of His love. It has given me the strength to pursue not only this vision (but many other things) that I know originated from His mind as a gift for me to do in Him. He's given me everything I need to do this Uptown Jazz Dallas thing. He's opened doors for me to make our presence felt in this great city (and, region) of ours. But, that's not all. This thing now reaches around the globe to bring people together is such a good way. Good music has always had that effect on the human experience. And, for me, this is the glue that holds me together. Who wouldn't want to be at the helm of something that's good for a community?

So, before we start another 'visible' part of what I do (the Live on the Lawn Series), know that this is not all that's going on. I have a great desire to share the next part of what's being planned. But, that in do time. Let's just enjoy and appreciate what we're able to do now.

I've enjoyed all of the friends (some very new) that are blessing me with a constant stream of encouragement. It has been a very moving experience. There may even be the 'elusive' love out there for me. That would be the ultimate development for me indeed.

If you don't mind, I continue to ask for your support in spreading the word about the project and our Season Two return on Thursday, June 12th at Klyde Warren Park. This JazzMasters Set is what I call "A Night in White". The thought is simple. It's just a way for us to do something together. So, don't forget to find something cool and 'white' to wear on the lawn at the Park next Thursday. Pray for great weather and cool breezes and I think that it'll be one of the best evenings ever experienced there. Stay updated by visiting our social network at There you'll be linked up to everything!

Oh yes, please allow yourself to experience the music of this great movement. The Set-List player at is a precious thing! It's full of music that'll deeply touch you. I take pride in sowing this good thing into you. It's not a 'corrupting' influence but a 'loving' one. This is part of my gift to you and the artists themselves. Not only that, but you'll probably never hear much of this stuff on your radio. That means that we're important on another front. Exposing you to artists that deserve to be heard. They also deserve to be supported. That support for them needs to be via purchases of their CDs and downloads. Without that cashflow some of these artists will not be able to take care of their families and eventually end up 'tapping out' of the hope to use their exceptional talent to provide properly. Starving artists do still exist! This is another area that I know that "We Can Do Better" at. As for me, I'm going to try to do better by being increasingly more tenacious about the mission. Actually, we're almost home. So, don't think that your encouragement doesn't help me. It just may be that last push that is required.

Please share your thoughts with me. I love hearing what you think about all of this.

See you on the Lawn, June 12th, 19th and July 3rd!


Keith Hill

Managing Director,

Uptown Jazz Dallas, LLC

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Comment by Keith Hill | Founder | CEO on June 7, 2014 at 6:30am

Thank you, Amaryllis. It's been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. Meeting artists like yourself who move to become my friends has been a source of encouragement that's indescribable. All of this is working to propel me forward, with the Lord's help, of course. Without that inspiration, I don't think any of this would be happening.

Comment by Amaryllis Santiago on June 6, 2014 at 7:50pm

Excellent Keith!! To think that we met back in getting a first eye view of all you do in a months time shows you are truly living in your instinct and passion! May God continue to Bless you with your vision and that He provide the wonderful personnel to keep these awesome projects at the front!!
Peace and music always to you my Brother Keith Hill!!!





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