Jazz Poem/lyric: The continuum of being

Hello everyone and welcome to my first Blog of 2019.


This year I will feature poems and lyrics from my latest collections of lyrics/poems completed in December 2018. The titles are: Rattlemon:Djentleman of doom and Fame.


Here’s a couple of pieces:



The continuum of being 


The continuum of being is

Birds singing in the softly growing light.

Recognising the links between the seemingly unrelated

While going through your day.

Accepting all the flow within and around,

The seasons, years, persons,

Interacting then leaving your stage.


The continuum of being is

Birds again singing but in the gently fading light.

Accepting all the nonsensical disconnects

Yet retaining your calm solace

In what you know and is truth beyond opinions,

Nestling and resting on a heart of love.


The continuum of being is

Equal parts of what is and what is not.

Also what is now and yet to be forgot

A prayer of bliss unceasing.


  This poem © Louis J. Casson 2018 All rights reserved.


“The continuum of being”

The seed for this one was hearing birdsong in the early mornings and at dusk, then acknowledging this was a gift – something good to hear, reminding myself that we live in a continuum – flow – of days with events leading us onwards.





Theyz call mi Rattlemon, Rattlemon is all.

Lay mi guitar wit tha Dub

Dub thats all.


Theyz call mi Rattlemon, rattling slow or quick.

I provides whatz u need

Every trick.


Iz Rattlemon come hear mi play

Rattle dub by night

Reggae vibe by day.


Rattlemon keep a rattling

Keeping things sweet wit yo spice.

Gi mi more of your rattle

Iz want another slice.


Rattlemon keep a rattling

Mek mi Reggae sing

Tha groove no working

Witout yo thing.


  This lyric © Louis J. Casson 2018 All rights reserved.



Rattlemon. Style is reggae patois – I wouldn’t say its exact but it’s a feeling of it! A tribute to all reggae bass players – especially Robbie Shakespeare and Aston Barrett.


Winter is here, but spring is not that far away. I’m keeping this in mind!


Thank you for reading and best wishes,




  This Blog and all contents © Louis J. Casson 2019 All rights reserved.



Doom, Reggae, The continuum of being, Rattlemon. Lyrics, poetry, poems, Louis J. Casson



These poems/lyrics copyright Louis J. Casson 2018, all rights reserved.


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